:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Mission Focused Security Solutions

Enterprise infrastructure and solutions design rooted in industry endorsed security principles supporting company objectives ensuring that all systems are working at optimally and securely.  Provide comprehensive support for secure network design, development and operation.  Proficient in both physical and virtual architectures; including Openstack deployments for on-premises hosting of "Cloud Based" on-demand, virtual computing capabilities.  Integrate solutions tailored to each customer's specific needs and budget

Leveraging DevOps methodology, emphasizing communication and collaboration, to design and develop custom enterprise level applications for both server and client systems.  All operating systems and mobile platforms can be utilized and developed against using secure coding practice, balancing functionality and data integrality.

Software Engineering

Infrastructure Design

Engineering and integrating agile security solutions designed to not only remediate current vulnerability but address future risk based on changing threat landscapes and threat intelligence. Designing secure network architectures, ethical hacking, intrusion detection/prevention technologies, secure coding practices, social engineering vulnerability assessment, critical asset risk management and threat modeling.

Security Engineering

End-to-end cyber intelligence lifecycle support; formulation of intelligence requirements, collection and parsing of data, production of intelligence products, development and implementation of knowledge management platforms, toolkits and dashboards and training.  Ensuring the cyber security program and controls implemented meet customers’ goals, supports the mission and maximizes the return on investment.

Cyber Intelligence & Analytics