Digital Cloak in the Community


Our dedication to furthering knowledge and insight into cyber security practices have led us to host training events, build community groups and present at national forums.  Some places you may find us include:

  • ShmooCon
  • NoVA Hackers
  • DCBSides
  • ...Q...

Digital Cloak


Founded: 2013

CEO: Machelle Shivers


Areas of expertise:  Security Engineering, Software Development, Risk Management, Multimedia, Analytics

Company Profile


Your Mission, Your Objectives, Our Goals...


At Digital Cloak, a passion for education, innovation and engineering drove the partnership to establish the company in 2013. We are driven by our devotion to privacy and understanding the needs of business and government to protect its tangible and intangible assets. With focus on our clientele's missions and objectives, we deliver clear strategy and vision to obtain secure solutions. Our ability to transpose both our clients’ requirements and future goals into real world results are a key component to our success. We pride ourselves in being able to understand each individual client’s business and technical needs and offer a custom set of solutions based on those unique requests. Our team blends together large corporate business expertise, while still allowing our clients the personal touch through a partnership with a small business. 

We believe security and risk management are critical components of assuring all businesses’ operations. No matter the size, service or budget, Digital Cloak strives to deliver budget conscious, effective solutions tailored to our clients specific requirements with security and mission assurance at the core of every design, solution and task. Industry jargon like “risk management”, “mission assurance” and “cybersecurity” can be intimidating and difficult to understand. At Digital Cloak we make it our business to educate our clients, breaking down those concepts into digestible easy to understand language so when we walk away you are confident in your understanding of the products or solutions delivered.